Investment Spreadsheet


Real Estate Investment Analyzing Spreadsheet

Compare Real Estate Opportunities Easily

Hand designed by James Goodwin, and utilized often by him, the real estate analysis spreadsheet calculates capital appreciation, principal paydown of mortgage, and cashflow after calculated expenses automatically, and then ranks the properties for you, making real estate analysis easy!

Multiple Property Analysis With 5 Inputs Only

It could not be easier to evaluate properties, with the complicated mortgage calculations, principal paydown calculations, and others done for you, you simply enter sale price, downpayment and rent income ad you are on your way to finding the right investment property.

Supercharge Your Real Estate Investments

At a glance, you will see how much principle you pay with your mortgage, and your total return for cashflow and principal pay down with optional input for expected property value growth. Color coded grading will be automatically applied based on target ROI you set (see slide 1).

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